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Instructions for Sales Licensing Candidates

The following is the sequence of events that must be followed in order to obtain your real estate license

1. Complete the 90 hour licensing course. Completion means that the student has attended each of the 18 sessions at least once.
2. Pass the school final exam.
3. Upon passing the school final, the student will be issued the paperwork necessary to apply for the state exam. One can usually test within four or five days of course completion.
4. After passing the state examination you have one year to activate your license (pay the required fees). These fees will include:
    • $110 licensing fee
    • $10 recovery fund
Before the Arizona Department of Real Estate will accept the license placement fee and issue the license, they will require the applicant to submit an Employment Status Form completed by the broker that you are going to work with and proof of attendance of a six hour contract writing course. The six hour course is in addition to the ninety hour licensing class and does not require additional testing. This course also applies toward the twenty four hour continuing education requirement that licensees must fulfill every two years.

Westford College offers contract writing on a continuing basis, usually four to five times per month for a $39 fee.

Appraisal licensing

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